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Welcome to the virtual home of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians! We are a network of family doctors who are passionate about caring for our patients, supporting each other, and advocating for a better health care system. We host educational and networking events locally, as well as support our […] Read More

CAFP All Member Advocacy Meeting The Citizen Hotel 926 J Street Sacramento, CA 95814  Saturday-Sunday, March 10-11, 2018 All members are invited to this special advocacy meeting. Check out the familydocs.org website here to register.   ATTENTION:  Residents and Medical Students Apply for a $500 scholarship to attend the AMAM. Fill out the application on […] Read More

In the midst of this especially severe flu season, it can be difficult at times to think much beyond the sick patients in our waiting rooms, the add-ons to our schedules, and our own ill family members and friends. I hope that LAAFP is one of the places you can come to find support and […] Read More

Influenza season is here! The CDC says California has ‘high activity’ of flu and the California Influenza Surveillance Program says we’re ‘above expected level’ for this time of year. If you’ve worked in clinic lately you will have seen this first hand. Where I work, we’ve seen record numbers of clinic visits and the hospital […] Read More

Wesley G. Bradford, MD, MPH CAFP Helps Secure More than $23 Million for FMRPs At the recent Song-Brown Physician Training Program funding meeting, California family medicine residency programs (FMRPs) received more than $23 million (77 percent) of the $30 million disbursed to primary care residency programs as part of the first year of a three-year […] Read More

Tony P’s Dockside Grill, Marina Del Rey | November 16, 2017 President Shannon Connolly, MD, called the meeting to order.  Twenty-five members and guests were in attendance. All names have been placed on record. Dr. Connolly welcomed everyone and spent a few moments focusing on “Vaccine Updates” as a follow-up to our meeting on September […] Read More

[…] Read More

You asked for more balance between CME time and free time ... and we've taken that request to heart. The new Forum opens on Friday afternoon, with an all-member party Friday evening. On Saturday, we'll break mid-afternoon to give you free time with family and friends. Sunday's sessions end at 12:30 pm so you can […] Read More