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Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2017, the year of the Fire Rooster. It is my honor to serve you this year as president of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Academy of Family Physicians. As I reflect on the major events affecting medicine locally and internationally in 2016—from the Zika outbreak to California’s passage of […] Read More

At the national level, last month's Family Medicine Experience (FMX) conference in San Antonio provided members with practice changing updates, hands-on tutorials, and a few new revelations. One attendee in my practice told me she was surprised to learn that diet soda promotes weight gain and that future diabetes management guidelines may further disfavor the […] Read More

We strive to improve the care of our patients, in the clinic room, on the phone with specialists, with insurance companies and advocating in Sacramento and on the hill. We also need to improve how we take care of ourselves. Burnout is afflicting many of us. It hurts individual physicians, families and healthcare as a […] Read More

Perennial campaign promises to dump “Obamacare” were no match for political realities and intraparty division in Washington (and opposition from nearly all patient, provider and insurance and other health care organizations and many state governors). Congressional Budget Office analysis predicted destabilized insurance markets in many states, loss of health insurance for up to 24 million […] Read More

Executive Committee: President: Rebecca Bertin, MD President-Elect: Daniel Pio, MD, MBA Vice-President: Nzinga Graham, MD Secretary-Treasurer: Monique George, MD Assistant Secretary Treasurer: Po-Yin Samuel Huang, MD State Board of Directors Nominations (3-year terms): Director, District III & IV:  Elisabeth Kalve, MD; Art Ohannessian, MD Alternate Director, District III & IV: Kevin Rossi, MD; Arlet Sarkissian, […] Read More

September 14, 2017 President, Shannon Connolly called the meeting to order and welcomed guests and members. The names of 21 attendees are placed on record. Dr. Connolly turned the floor over to Rebecca Grisby and Susan Goetzinger, Program Analysts for the Medical Board of California. They were invited to introduce the Expert Reviewer program and […] Read More

PRECEPTOR OPPORTUNITY If you would like to become a preceptor for a medical student seeking a family medicine preceptorship, please contact Executive Director, Roxanne Kuns, at LAAcademy@aol.com, for details […] Read More