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MEETING MINUTES – AMAM Breakfast Caucus – Sacramento, CA – March 5, 2017

AMAM March


AMAM Breakfast Caucus
Sacramento, CA


2017 President Dr. Shannon Connolly called the meeting to order and welcomed the 22 members and guests who were present. All names have been placed on record.

President Connolly presented the President’s Plaque to Dr. Kevin Rossi with expressions of gratefulness for his dedicated leadership during 2016.

The December 1, 2016, Executive Board and Member meeting minutes were printed in the January Newsletter and in the Caucus Agenda. The minutes were approved as written.

President Elect Dr. Becca Bertin called everyone’s attention to three financial reports needing approval:

1) The 2016 Financial Recap was approved as reported.

2) The Budget Committee’s 2017 Proposed Budget was also approved as reported. (One member’s recommendation was discussed:  to spend some reserves on technology that would permit more members to participate in the quarterly meetings; i.e., phone conferencing, video conferencing, or other viable options not yet researched.)

3) The 2017 Jan – Feb Treasurer’s Report was also approved as printed.

The balance of the meeting was spent discussing the seven resolutions presented at the AMAM opening session.  The discussions helped clarify any concerns that may be connected to any given resolution.  Delegates were offered the opportunity to address the Resolutions Hearing in front of the CAFP Board of Directors at the reconvened AMAM closing session directly following the LAAFP Breakfast Caucus.

The meeting was adjourned.