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Nominating Committee Report – 2018

The Nominating Committee met by phone on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, at 7:00 pm.  Members present were Felix Aguilar, MD; Rebecca Bertin, MD; Shannon Connolly, MD; Monique George, MD; Po-Yin Samuel Huang, MD; Katrina Miller, MD; Daniel Pio, MD; Kevin Rossi, MD; and Arlet Sarkissian, MD.  Executive Director, Roxanne Kuns, was also present.


The Nominating Committee, chaired by Dr. Connolly, presented the following slate of nominees:


LAAFP 2018 Executive Board Nominees


Executive Committee Nominations:

President:                                                         Rebecca Bertin, MD

President-Elect:                                                        Daniel Pio, MD

Vice-President:                                                Nzinga Graham, MD

Secretary-Treasurer:                                    Monique George, MD

Assistant Secretary Treasurer:           Po-Yin Samuel Huang, MD


State Board of Directors Nominations (3-year term):

Director of District III & IV:                                        No openings

Alternate Director of District III & IV:                       No openings


Delegates to All Member Advocacy Meeting (2-year term):

Nominees: Mark Dressner, MD; Kelly Jones, MD;

Judy Kim; MD; Stacey Ludwig, MD; Selene Velasco, MD

Current Delegates: Rebecca Bertin, MD; Monique George, MD;

Nzinga Graham, MD; Po-Yin Samuel Huang, MD; Katrina Miller, MD; Theresa Nevarez, MD


Alternate-Delegates to AMAM (2-year term):

Nominees: Felix Aguilar, MD; Chris Hiromura, MD;

Daniel Pio, MD; Emma Jane Smith-Hiscocks, MD

Current Alternate-Delegates:  Sandra Avila, MD; Shabana Tariq, MD


Additional items discussed: 

  • Spending down the LAAFP reserves: The CAFP recommends 6 – 12 months of the yearly budget be held in reserve.  We currently have a one year reserve.
  • Considering the purchase of a system to accommodate members to join the meeting by phone or video-conference: Recommendation to: a) question Orange and San Diego County execs to see if they have creative ways to accommodate members who cannot attend their meetings, b) offer more options or types of events to attract more member participation, c) do a survey of our members to determine if anyone would use phone or video conferencing to join our dinner/CME events.
  • Proposal by Dr. Stacey Ludwig for LAAFP to offer a “Leadership in Advocacy” Conference prior to the end of this year. Current available budgeted funds are $4,750.  Since this would be a local chapter project, there would be no need for a grant funding application and approval.  This is certainly something out of the ordinary that may be of particular interest to many members.
  • Scholarship and grant proposal concerns: Make it very clear that the NCFMRMS scholarships are limited and are only for medical students who are presenting at the conference.  Also, to encourage the students to do something that is related to LAAFP (besides writing a report for the newsletter).