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Meet The Executive Board

Rebecca Bertin, MD - Presidents

Rebecca Bertin, MD

Daniel Pio, MD Asst. - President-Elect

Daniel Pio, MD MBA

Nzinga Graham, MD - Vice-President

Nzinga Graham, MD

Monique George, MD - Secretary-Treasurer

Monique George, MD

Assistant Secretary Treasurer

Po-Yin Samuel Huang, MD

Assistant Secretary Treasurer


State Board of Directors

Director of District III: Elisabeth Kalve, MD
Alternate Director of District III: Kevin Rossi, MD
Director of District IV: Art Ohannessian, MD
Alternate Director of District IV: Arlet Sarkissian, MD

Delegates to CAFP All Member Advocacy Meeting

Rebecca Bertin, MD*                                  Mark Dressner, MD
Monique George, MD*                               Nzinga Graham, MD*
Po-Yin Samuel Huang, MD*                     Kelly Jones, MD
Judy Kim, MD                                              Stacey Ludwig, MD
Katrina Miller, MD*                                    Scott Nass, MD
Selene Velasco, MD

Alternate-Delegates to CAFP All Member Advocacy Meeting

Felix Aguilar, MD                                          Sandra Avila, MD*
Chris Hiromura, MD                                    Daniel Pio, MD, MBA
Emma Jane Smith-Hiscocks, MD              Shabana Tariq, MD*

*Indicates the 2-year term is complete in 2018