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Executive Board Meeting Minutes


Beverly Hills Marriott, Los Angeles, CA

May 19, 2017

President, Shannon Connolly called the meeting to order.  She welcomed members and guests and thanked them for coming.  Names of 25 attendees are placed on record.

After offering some follow-up remarks about the AMAM and the CAFP procedural workshop, Dr. Connolly transitioned to the topic of “advocacy.”  She encouraged members of the academy to call their legislators to speak on behalf of their patients about health-related issues.  She also announced that the LAAFP has collaborated with the department of public health to bring educational events to member meetings in 2017.

Dr. Connolly presented the March 5, 2017, AMAM breakfast caucus minutes as part of the written agenda.  They were reviewed and approved as written.

Dr. Nzinga Graham presented the Treasurer’s Report as printed in the agenda, offering a time for questions or comments.  None being made, the report was approved as written.

The agenda also called for CAFP Committee volunteers.  Anyone interested in working on a committee at the state level may call the CAFP at 415/345-8667.   Also, the CAFP Foundation is asking for nominations for seven awards that are presented to outstanding physicians in California each year. To learn more about these awards and how to submit your nomination, please go to the CAFP website at http://www.familydocs.org/awards .

The meeting was adjourned and the remainder of the evening was dedicated to the CME program.  Matt Lincoln, MBA, Health Services Advisory Group, Director of Administrative Operations, took some time to introduce the Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship Initiative.  For more information contact Matt at mlincoln@hsag.com or 818.265.4696.

Matt introduced our guest speaker, Dr. James McKinnell, an infectious disease physician and Assistant Professor of Medicine from UCLA. He is the co-founder of the infectious disease physician consultancy, Expert Stewardship INC., which currently directs antimicrobial stewardship activities at nearly 50 skilled nursing facilities.  His topic was “Addressing Rising Antibiotic Resistance in Los Angeles County – Antibiotic Stewardship in Outpatient Settings.”