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AMAM Scholarship Recipient Reports Jerry P Abraham, MD MPH CMQ Chief Resident Physician, Family & Community Medicine USC Family Medicine Residency Program at California Hospital CAFP's 2017 All Member Advocacy Meeting was another amazing experience.  My attendance was made possible by the generous support of the LAAFP Scholarship, which is awarded to medical students and […] Read More

 Happy New Year to my favorite group of people, family doctors!  It is my honor to serve you this year as President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Academy of Family Physicians. We have a lot to do this year.  In addition to our usual passion work—you know, tirelessly caring for our beloved patients--you […] Read More

Nzinga Graham, MD Advocacy: Now more than ever   What a whirlwind these past few months have been! Many are feeling the after-effects of a very bitter election season. From frustration to uneasiness to downright depression, many Americans, and Californians in particular, have a lot to process over the next few months and years. 2017 […] Read More

  Uncertainty Abounds Regarding the Future of the ACA While Congressional Republicans are taking steps to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by the end of the month, privately there are significant disagreements about what type of system would replace it and when it would take effect. The Senate and House have passed the fiscal […] Read More